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Pizza, a dish of the world

Pizza, the food to be shared worldwide

The pizza is one of the best-known in the world. That’s why when my Wwoofing in the hostel Fat Cat I learned to make a real dough pizza. Here’s the simple pizza recipe to make it around the world and to share.


Attention, as you often see, the dough must be kneaded in a certain way with firmness.

Here’s a video for an overview: here


-Warm water






-Tomato sauce


-Vegetables of your choice


1) put 2 cups of flour in a bowl

(2) put 2 teaspoons of sugar and yeast

(3) put 1 teaspoon of salt

(4) put 1 tablespoons of oil

(5) place 1 cups of warm water

(6) to knead the dough to make a ball. When the dough is consistent, then push with the Palm of the hand to knead it.

(7) let stand 30 min

(8) take the dough and put there on a floury support. Type to the hand, and begin to spread it by hand also.

(9) finish here roller (flour him) to obtain a dough round/oval

(10) add the tomato sauce, olives, cucumber, more what you want

(11) make her cook 30 min at 160 ° c.

Attention, pay attention to the food you take. Some are waterlogged, which can make it difficult to cook the pizza.

Good appetite at all 🙂


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