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Northland, point of Norfth

The region of Northland (in māori: Te Tai-tokerau or Te Hiku-o-te-Ika, “the tail of the fish”) is the most northerly region of New Zealand. Located at north of Auckland, taking Route 1, there are lots of surprises if you stay there.

The tourist Northland

At 2 hours from Auckland, the Northland is easy to reach via Route 1. The road goes up to the extreme north point of New Zealand, the cape Reinga. Before reaching the point, or even leaving road 1, it is strongly advised to refuel because gasoline is expensive outside of road 1.


To the North

The Northland can be done by a loop that starts at Whangarei. In Whangarei, a small town very friendly, it is possible to visit its waterfall and the Abbey caves. The caves are free and you can see glowing worms! No miss these, it’s beautiful!

Abbey caves

Shining worms in the cellars of Abbey

You can then go up the East Coast and go on Highway 10. On the road, expect to find many beautiful beaches! Think of going to the beach Piha and the sabotage memorial of the rainbow warrior, the Greenpeace boat. The beach is more beautiful!

Rainbow warrior sabotage memorial
 To the South

Going up you will come across many beaches to surf, child… You will arrive again on the road. Go North to reach the cape Reinga. But meanwhile, think about stopping on the road at 90 mile beach, Te Paki Dune, bay Spirit, etc …

On the return a little detour in the West towards Dargeville will allow you to stop at Waipoua Forest, to observe the biggest trees of New Zealand, the Kauri. They live very long, 2000 years for some, and can measure up to 50 meters high for a circumference of 10 meters.


Kauri tree


Going down through Dargaville, you can stop to work in the Kumaras picking. Those are sweet potatoes, I advise you to go see the Kumara Box, the boss is awesome!



It’s easy to find free campsites in Northland, the Wikicamps application will allow you to find beaches with free showers and WCs for everyone!

Kumarani Circus

The Kumarani circus is a circus located in the town of Dargaville in Northland. A magical place, it is possible to volunteer in the circus. You will have the pleasure to give a helping hand in class for children and adults. To participate in shows and different fire show! In addition, you can learn a lot of juggling techniques with the best artists in New Zealand (promised it is not me who said it, those are the other artists).


Kumarani Circus

I started by making permaculture in the circus. So I learned all you need to start your organic vegetable garden 🙂

But not that, I also did everything I explained to you just before 🙂 And it was a real pleasure to live there for a month



In conclusion

Northland is the least visited or most visited place by most travelers. Which is both a pity for them but a good thing for those who stay there. The place is magic! Really, I did not see time pass, a real pleasure.

So do not miss this place, go for it!


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