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Khorkhog, le Barbeque Mongole dans une casserole

Khorkhog, the Mongolian Barbecue

Khorkhog, Mongolian fire pot

The majority of meals in Mongolia are composed mainly of meat, rice and potato as Khorkhog. I wouldn’t here to dairy products and cheeses made from milk of horse and Camel (a real treat).

Khorkhog is a kind of man made fire by placing in a hot stone pot. It is customary that rocks hot and fat are passed from hand to hand, which should make more valiant.

Khorkhog, the Mongolian Barbeque
Khorkhog, the Mongolian Barbecue in a pan

As you can imagine, the majority of Mongolian meals are based on meat. But currently with the rise of centers of meditation and the Buddhist religion, the vegetarian diet is spreading more and more.

So, I will give the recipe for meat, fish and soy. The only difference is adding more spices with soy for flavor.


To make this recipe:


-Smoked meat/fish/soy







-4L of water

-Rocks (pebbles of river will be the best choice, don’t take Sandy stones).


(1) place a part of the rocks at the bottom of a saucepan to fill up. Boil the 4L of water in the pan.

2) cut into pieces the meat, fish or soy.

(3) cut the vegetables into pieces

(4) place the meat/fish/soy in the Pan

(5) place a new layer of rocks

(6) place the vegetables in the Pan

(7) place the last layer of rocks

(8) season the water.

9) add vodka to your convenience

(10) close all and cook for 1½ hours at low heat.

(11) Once finished, open the Pan and let out the steam. Then remove the stones and put them aside

(12) use separately the broth and the meat/fish/soy with vegetables.

Like any stew, keep the remains and warm is always best. 🙂

Enjoy your meal!

If you want more recipes:

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