Why  “we tried to lose him”?

We tried to lose

It’s a good question, why I didn’t call my website “the day of a geologist” or “I’d break rocks in your home”. And because this replica date of my first solo trip. I was 20 years old and I went with friends for a festival in Hungary. After the festival,  I wanted to continue the trip. So I discovered the Hungary, the Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Germany for one month.

It is at this point that I discovered my passion for travel and the meeting with other personn! It is an important symbol for me.

During our week, my friend said about me “oh we’re going to try to lose you”. It maded me laugh and I kept these words in my head. So when I did the mission for one month on a boat (Atalante) in the Antarctic ocean (40th roaring and 50th screaming). Where I studied the volcans on the ocean floor. I would like to find a name who represents me and my travel. So I remembered this name and I decided to give this. If you look at the old articles on facebook you will discover the mission, it was a beginning of popular science.

Here is the origin of the name of the site and know the acronym “OnEssPer” giving  “We hope” in french.

Come on! And tried to lose me!