The geological time scale

This is the geologic time scale which is the system of chronological classification in geology. This scale to date the events of history since the origin of the Earth. Its origins date from the 18th century, it takes a form of dating is accurate in 1913, when Arthur Holmes, known today as the father of the geological time scale, publishes the first.

This scale is designed to simplify the understanding and be a chronological reference for science communication of the site items. I put for each period the geological evolution of the Earth, as well as the moments of geology and Paleontology keys.


The son of the time, I will update the scale by adding / modifying certain periods. I would also resume parts of the scale for different articles for clarity. This scale is intended to evolve. Thus it will be possible to have greater clarity on the geological evolution.


IF you have any comments or feedback, I'm listening! Hoping that this scale will serve you 🙂

Updated: 26/08/2016