Alexandre SCHOHN

About the project of extension of the Sciences of the Earth and the environment

During my studies in the Sciences of the Earth and the environment in Strasbourg, I learned something very important. After seeing the operation of the Earth, we see more landscapes, mountains, oceans, etc… in the same way as before. It doesn't matter where I stand (on a Summit, a cliff,…), I would see a former volcanic activity, Lithospheric deformation, erosion and a history of our Earth.

Understand that a movement of a few millimeters per year, can produce mountains of 2000-3000 m or devastating earthquakes. Know that we walk on an old layer of lava having formed of basaltic organ, doesn't that enrich the beauty of the landscape and of the place where we are. I then take pictures, sketches, videos for my own pleasure and to review these landscapes and this story. It's like I had before me an open book that tells me about the history of our world, its masses and energies that are deployed for more than 4 billion years. This hidden power, which only revealed that very rarely (earthquake, eruption,…) also allows me to reconsider my place on this earth, to understand that I am not much compared to these mountains, volcanoes and oceans.

When you appreciate something, you want to share it. I realized courses in high schools and colleges on the formation of the Earth and its functioning. In addition I also shared my knowledge during my various trips with my companions. When the these different experiences, I became aware of interest from my companions for this different vision and rich of what little we discover our Earth. So I decided to get into scientific popularization in the Sciences of the Earth and the environment through the implementation of this site "We tried to lose" (OnEssPer).

We tried to lose

The purpose of this site is for both to follow my adventures while discovering the geology of the places I visit. Visitors will be able to easily understand and discover the world of geology from different countries and able to have a new vision of what surrounds them or which want to discover on their own journey. Topics according to the different countries are implemented with a map showing the journey that I made. So it will be easier to view the geology of different countries.

This site is intended to evolve over time as a person who travels. It will also contain articles about my encounters, my experiences, my pearls… There may also be new parties given my other different interests. But this will appear quietly as a movement of plate.

Enjoy good of this site, and if you have any comments, advice, I am open to all proposals.

Good trip to my side.