The Russia consists in several more or less mountainous geological areas. Some of the areas have one of the oldest geological stories to the world. The Trans-Siberian through some of these areas. Thus from West to East, we have the craton European East representing the European Russia with Moscow, the starting point of the Trans-Siberian. Then, the Trans-Siberian crosses the chain of the Urals, one of the oldest in the world! He continues on the plain West of Siberia until the Lake Baykal. At this point the train splits to continue his journey to the East of Siberia to Sovetskaya or by going to Beijing (Peking) through the Mongolia. For me, I will cross the border Sayan mountain range between the Mongolia and the Russia. Eventually I’d end my journey in the steppes of the Mongolia.

map russia geology

Geological areas of the Russia: 1 Craton of Eastern Europe; 3 Urals; 4 plain of Western Siberia; 5 plateau of central Siberia, Lake Baikal 6