Alexandre SCHOHN

MOOC: The art of thinkering

You find my notes about the MOOC

Tinkering Fundamentals: Motion and Mechanisms

by the Exploratorium

I realized the MOOC with the Sketchnoting

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The tinkering Journal

You will find my reflexion about the journal and how this has evolved with the MOOC

When I started, my first thinking it was just about the operation
For the marble machines, I have discovered than the tinkering is unique by each student, that everybody can create his own marble machines. I started to explore than the tinkering can be more just tools or possibilities of animation
By the way, I have identified the importance of the education by the tinkering and the difference between teach by ourself and by ourself.
This thinking about education was realized by the reflection question of cardboard
By this MOOC I finish to realize I just start my way in the tinkering with ideas for the new projects and where I need to go to continue my adventure in the Tinkering